I am prepared to teach survey courses on international relations, comparative politics, international organizations, and international law, as well as more specialized courses such as comparative constitutional design, model united nations, and the politics of civil war.

Instructor of Record

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship, Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Summer 2020

International Law, with co-instructor Prof. Emilia Justyna Powell, Spring 2020 

Teaching Assistant

Comparative Law, Prof. Emilia Justyna Powell, Fall 2019

  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from Notre Dame Learning and The Graduate School

The Geopolitics of Energy, Prof. Rosemary Kelanic, Spring 2019

International Law, Prof. Emilia Justyna Powell, graduate law course (grading), Fall 2018

Introduction to International Relations, Prof. Rosemary Kelanic, with three discussion sections, Fall 2018

Middle East Politics, Prof. Michael Hoffman, Spring 2018

Europe At War, Prof. Sebastian Rosato and Prof. John Deak, with two discussion sections, Fall 2017 

Syllabi and course evaluations are available upon request