I have extensive teaching experience across a range of topics and I am committed to developing exciting, engaging courses. As a teacher-scholar, I frame my pedagogy around teaching 21st century skills – including communication, critical thinking, self-motivation, and teamwork – to help my students cultivate their intellectual curiosity and become thoughtful global citizens and members of their communities. I am committed to providing each student with the tools they need to meet their goals and to succeed both in and out of the classroom – students’ interests and needs vary, and my goal is to help each student become a better engaged citizen and reader of political events. I do so by maintaining an active presence in the classroom, organizing my courses to ensure that students engage meaningfully with both me and each other, and teaching to learning outcomes that address power structures and social justice in political systems. I see the best results when students know that all ideas are welcome – but that their assumptions about the world may be challenged, when they understand what is expected of them, and when they feel like active participants in their own learning.

I am prepared to teach survey courses on international relations, comparative politics, international organizations, international law, international security, and research design, as well as more specialized courses such as international humanitarian law, model United Nations, and the politics of armed conflict and post-conflict reconstruction.

Courses Taught


Clark University

Introduction to International Relations, Fall 2022

World Order & Globalization, Fall 2022

International Organizations, Fall 2022

Bentley University

Globalization, Fall 2022, 2021

University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship, Spring 2021, Summer, Fall 2020

International Law, with co-instructor Emilia Justyna Powell, Spring 2020


University of Notre Dame

Comparative Law, Prof. Emilia Justyna Powell, Fall 2019
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from Notre Dame Learning and The Graduate School

The Geopolitics of Energy, Prof. Rosemary Kelanic, Spring 2019

International Law, Prof. Emilia Justyna Powell, graduate law course (grading), Fall 2018

Introduction to International Relations, Prof. Rosemary Kelanic, with three discussion sections, Fall 2018

Middle East Politics, Prof. Michael Hoffman, Spring 2018

Europe At War, Profs. Sebastian Rosato and John Deak, with two discussion sections, Fall 2017

Syllabi and course evaluations are available upon request

Pedagogical Training

Courses and Certificates:

Course: How to Design Online Courses, University of Notre Dame, Summer 2020

Course: Pedagogy and Practice in the College Classroom, University of Notre Dame, Fall 2019

Certificate: Striving for Excellence in College and University Teaching, Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Notre Dame, Fall 2018

Notre Dame Learning Workshops:

Foundations of Teaching in Humanities/Social Sciences (4-part workshop series)

But I didn’t mean it that way: Micro-Aggressions

Universal design for Learning: Meeting the Needs of all Students

Engaging Lectures for Effective Learning

Using CIF Questions to Improve Student Learning

Course Design

Rethinking Your Course Design for Remote and Online Learning

Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Designing Inclusive Classrooms and Learning Experiences

Guest Lectures

“The International Criminal Court” International Justice Social Science University Seminar, Prof. Emilia Justyna Powell, Fall 2020

“International Relations of the Middle East”  Middle East Politics, Prof. Michael Hoffman, Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Fall 2018, Spring 2018

“The Balance of Power and International Law”  International Justice Social Science University Seminar, Prof. Emilia Justyna Powell, Fall 2018

“Identity and Domestic Politics in Israel and Palestine” Middle East Politics, Prof. Michael Hoffman, Spring 2018 

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